F-ico was started as a life project not just for business. A not impartial, yet not conditioned, look at ‘doing business’.

The evolution of the aesthetic image through constantly moving ideas, following the flow of personal and professional research that now guides every question we ask ourselves.   

ICO is the name that a loved person associates with Federico, and the mere sound of it brings goose pimples and moistens the eyes.

The task of the designer, of a creative, can be said to have been achieved when their work is natural, almost imperceptible. Yet, at the same time, it enters theneeds and requirements of those who entrust in this work of expressive research in a thorough, interpretative way. 

“Umiltà spirituale, freschezza progettuale”(“Spiritual humility, design freshness”) is the title of Federico’s specialisation thesis, the point for starting and continuous return of his ‘aesthetic work’.

Every person is in a personal ‘aesthetic sphere’, as though they spin around inside a bubble, attracted, mainly unconsciously, by what they feel is most similar to them. The meaning of this way of designing is in recognising and identifying with the relationship elements between one frontier of sense and the other. 

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